The Restorative Service Quality Mark


Restorative practice works. Research shows it delivers better outcomes across schools, care, community and the criminal justice system. Done well, it has the potential to change lives.

The RJC wants to make sure it is always done well so that people harmed by crime and conflict can be confident they'll get a safe, effective service that meets their needs.

The Restorative Service Quality Mark (RSQM) gives the public that confidence. Holding the RSQM is a celebration of the hard work undertaken by organisations offering a restorative service and is the best way of showcasing safe, high quality practice.

What are the benefits of the RSQM?

The RSQM is external recognition of quality restorative practice. The award will help you gain public confidence in the restorative service you offer. It provides proof for commissioners and funders that you provide a quality service.

Achieving the RSQM means that you have been externally accredited against the six Restorative Service Standards. You will receive the RSQM trophy and certificate, and be able to use the logo to help you promote and celebrate your achievement, as well as receiving a range of wider benefits. Once awarded, your RSQM is valid for three years.

How does the RSQM work?

The RSQM is an independent assessment of an organisation's restorative service against the Restorative Service Standards by the leading professional body in the field.

The RSQM is a developmental process. The RJC can help you check whether or not you are ready to apply and if not, build towards the Restorative Service Standards. We will then arrange for your organisation to take the assessment only when you are ready to do so.

The following resources are designed to help you through the RSQM application process. The supporting information document should be read first in order to provide you with the information you need to apply and to guide you through the other documents: 

The RSQM is available to all organisations which offer restorative services across a wide range of sectors, including criminal justice, community-based agencies, care and education.

Find out more about the RSQM and use our free organisational healthcheck tool to find out if you are ready to apply. If you have any questions please contact us on 020 7831 5700.

These organisations have already achieved the award:

  • Atkinson Secure Children's Home
  • Avon and Somerset Restorative Justice Partnership: Bristol Restorative Justice Service delivered by Neighbourhood Justice Team
  • Avon and Somerset Police: Banes and South Gloucestershire hub, delivered by North East Restorative Approaches Project
  • Avon and Somerset Restorative Justice Partnership; Somerset Service, delivered by Somerset Community Justice Partnership
  • Blackburn with Darwen Youth Justice Service
  • Bradford Restorative Justice Hub
  • Calm Mediation – Restorative Justice Service
  • Childs Hill School
  • County Durham Youth Offending Service’s Restorative Work
  • Devon Youth Offending Restorative Justice Service
  • The Dracaena Centre
  • Gateshead Youth Offending Team Restorative Justice Service
  • Greater Manchester Police, Tameside Division
  • HMP Durham - Offender Management and Safer Custody Teams
  • Kingston and Richmond Youth Offending Service
  • Leeds Youth Offending Service
  • Leicestershire Youth Offending Service’s Restorative Work
  • Lincolnshire Youth Offending Service 
  • Lincolnshire Secure Unit
  • London Community Rehabilitation Company Restorative Justice Team
  • Luton Youth Offending Service
  • Maidstone Mediation Scheme
  • Media Academy Cardiff
  • The Mediation Service 
  • Medway Mediation, Restorative Justice Service
  • Monmouth Comprehensive School
  • Northamptonshire Youth Offending Service, Restorative Justice Team
  • North Wales Police
  • Nottingham City Youth Offending Team Restorative Justice Service
  • Oxfordshire Youth Offending Service Restorative Justice Service
  • Police & Crime Commissioner for Cheshire Restorative Justice and Mediation Service
  • Portsmouth Mediation Service - Restorative Justice Service
  • Redeeming Our Communities: Restorative Services in Greater Manchester
  • Remedi
  • Restorative Gloucestershire: Restorative Interventions Service
  • Restorative Solutions, County Durham
  • Restorative Solutions, Bedfordshire County
  • Restorative Solutions, Hampshire County
  • Restorative Solutions, Leicestershire County
  • Restorative Solutions, Lincolnshire County
  • Restorative Solutions, Northamptonshire County
  • Restorative Thinking Limited
  • RJ Working CIC
  • Salford Youth Offending Service Restorative Justice Service
  • Somerset Community Justice Partnership
  • Southampton Youth Offending Restorative Justice Service
  • Suffolk Youth Offending Service Restorative Justice Team
  • Sunderland Youth Offending Service - Restorative Justice Team
  • Surrey Youth Support Service
  • Sussex Restorative Justice Partnership (Post-Sentence Service)
  • Thames Valley Restorative Justice Service
  • The Essex Restorative and Mediation Service
  • The Restorative Justice Team, Cheshire West, Halton and Warrington Youth Offending Service
  • The Restorative Justice Team, Essex Youth Offending Service
  • The Restorative Justice Team, Hampshire Youth Offending Team
  • Trafford Youth Offending Service Restorative Justice Service 
  • Unite Ltd
  • Victims First Northumbria
  • Wakefield Youth Offending Team Restorative Justice Service
  • Wales Restorative Approaches Partnership
  • Warwickshire Youth Justice Service (WYJS)
  • Wirral Youth Offending Service
  • Why me? – Restorative Justice Service
  • Wigan Restorative Solutions Team