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Ray and Vi Donovan met the young man who murdered their son Christopher. Hear their story.

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In Criminal Justice

Restorative justice gives victims answers to their questions, and offenders the chance to make amends.

Restorative justice has been shown to deliver 85% victim satisfaction for victims who choose to participate; and reduces the frequency of re-offending by 14% according to the latest MoJ evidence.

Restorative justice is not designed to replace criminal justice proceedings - although for more minor offences it can be used as an alternative - but alongside and integrated with criminal justice it can deliver benefits that traditional criminal justice on it's own cannot.

Restorative justice holds offenders to account, directly and personally, gives them an insight into the real impact of their behaviour, and an opportunity to make amends. Restorative justice gives victims the chance to have their say, to get answers to their questions, to receive an apology and move on with their lives.

Yet fewer than 1% of victims of crime have access to a restorative process in England and Wales. Our vision is that all victims of crime and conflict should have access to a restorative process.

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10th Dec 2010 | criminal justice

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