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Does Restorative Justice Need Forgiveness?: Free Webinar for RJC members







Does restorative justice need forgiveness? With Sujatha Baliga and Howard Zehr
Wednesday 30 January 2013 - 21.30 - 23.00 GMT (UK)

On January 5, The New York Times carried a story about the use of a restorative conference in a murder case in the early stages of the legal process, prior to a plea.

How did this case unfold? What can restorative justice practitioners learn from this pioneering case? What is the relationship between forgiveness and restorative justice? How do we relate to the media on these issues?

Sujatha Baliga, the lawyer and restorative justice practitioner who facilitated this process, will explore these issues in a live online seminar ('webinar') with Howard Zehr, the seminal restorative justice theorist known as 'the grandfather of restorative justice'. Viewers will be able to submit comments and questions through a chat forum.

Find out more and register for $10 at Eastern Mennoite University website -

Eastern Mennonite University has kindly offered free access to RJC members (usual price $10). To secure free access as an RJC Member please email by 10am on Tuesday 29 January.

We will provide Eastern Mennonite University with details of RJC Members wishing to participate in the Webinar and they will send joining instructions 24 hours prior to the event.



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